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How to take care of leather goods

How should you take care of your leather good?

Leather is a classic material. Durable, stylish, and tough, a good piece of leather should last you a lifetime. However, like most things, you need to show your leather some love. The better you maintain your leather the longer it will last and the better it will look. It’s a special kind of material that you can’t just throw in the wash, so it’s important to understand how to maintain it.

  1. Wipe your bag once a week with warm, soapy water and a soft damp cloth
    Never use baby wipes, vinegar or any other home product for cleaning or stain removal, rather use special leather cleaning  products.
    A general leather cleaner will not be effective on suede or nubuck leather.
    Always spot-test a cleaning method before you use it (e.g. inside the bag)
  1. Keep your bag stuffed while you’re not using it… to help keep its shape better.
  2. Avoid holding your handbag if you’ve just applied hand cream
  3. Your tote came with a dust bag… use it
  4. Don’t leave your handbag in direct sunlight… it can cause the colour to fade and damage the leather
  5. If leather gets too wet: Dry it slowly. At room temperature and not with a heating hair drye
  6. To banish ever-lingering smells – put an open container of baking powder carefully inside your bag

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